Technical Coordination Meeting (05/11/22)

On May 11, a technical coordination meeting was held between the two research groups participating in COMPANION-CM, namely Robotics Lab and GPM.

May 11, 2022. Technical Coordination Meeting

First, both GPM and Robotics Labs reported on the evolution of their work and GPM summarized the progress of their collaboration with DONDERS Institute.

The first objective of the meeting was to define aspects of the “residential” use case, on which both groups are currently working, which will be a kitchen: list of objects considered in the scenario and actions that the robot can carry out (wait, ask -voice synthesis-, take object -bowl, milk, etc. – and leave it on the table, etc.).

We also defined how to approach the initial phases of the work for the development of the AI training framework, in particular, how to simulate the robot’s behavior at the beginning in order to develop the AI without the need to incorporate it into the scene.

On the other hand, in view of the proposals of Sergio Fuertes (Hospital de Burgos), we defined the rehabilitation game that, in principle, will constitute the use case in the physical and cognitive rehabilitation environment: it will be a game based on colored cylinders.

Rehabilitation game based on colored cylinders that has been selected as use case in the rehabilitation scenario

With this, we have two use cases in place: residential and rehabilitation. It is emphasized that, although the environments are different, the development of techniques should be as general as possible.

It is also agreed to make, by all parties, an effort to disseminate the project website.