Internal reports

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Ongoing PhD Theses

  • Silvia Abal Fernández “Artificial Intelligence for the decision making of an assistive robot”. Directores: Iván González Díaz (UC3M) y Fernando Díaz de María (UC3M)
  • María Beatriz Loureiro Casalderrey, “Development of explainable models for action prediction based on information from wearable sensors.”. Directores: Fernando Díaz de María (UC3M) e Iván González Díaz (UC3M)
  • César Caramazana Zarzosa, “Recipient design in human-robot communication”. Directores: Iván González Díaz (UC3M) e Iris Van Rooij (DONDERS)


  • Georgiana Crainiciuc, Miguel Palomino-Segura, Jon Sicilia, Jackson Li, Jose Adrover, Alejandra Aroca-Crevillén, Sandra Martín-Salamanca, Alfonso Serrano del Valle, Fatima Sanchez-Cabo, Miguel Molina-Moreno, Ivan Gonzalez-Diaz, Fernando Diaz-de-Maria, Mariona Graupera, Sandra Castillo, Heidi Welch, David Aragones, Gabriel Calvo, Oliver Soehnlein, Alexander Zarbock, Thomas Smithgall, Lai Guan Ng, Pierre-Louis Tharaux, Santiago Gonzalez, Rodrigo Madurga, Angel Ayuso-Sacido, Thorsten Mempel, Mauro di Pilato, “Behavioral immune landscapes of inflammation”. Nature 601, 415–421 (2022).
  • Miguel Molina-Moreno, Iván González-Díaz, Jon Sicilia, Georgiana Crainiciuc, Miguel Palomino-Segura, Andrés Hidalgo, Fernando Díaz-de-María, “ACME: Automatic feature extraction for Cell Migration Examination through intravital microscopy imaging”, Medical Image Analysis, Vol. 77, Apr. 2022. DOI:  10.1016/
  • Javier López-Labraca, Iván González-Díaz, Fernando Díaz-de-María, Alejandro Fueyo-Casado, “An interpretable CNN-based CAD system for skin lesion diagnosis”, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Vol.132, 2022, 102370,

Submitted Publications and work in progress

  • Miguel Molina-Moreno, Iván González-Díaz, Ralf Mikut, Fernando Díaz-de-María, “A self-supervised embedding of cell migration features for behavior discovery over cell populations”, Submitted to Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Dec. 2022).
  • Mohammad Mahdi Dehshibi, Temitayo Olugbade, Fernando Diaz-de-Maria, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, “Pain level and pain-related behaviour classification using GRU-based sparsely-connected RNNs”, Submitted to IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (Dec. 2022).
  • Miguel Molina-Moreno, Ivan González-Díaz, Maite Rivera Gorrín, Víctor Burguera Vion, and Fernando Díaz-de-María, “URI-CADS: A Fully Automated Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Ultrasound Renal Imaging”. Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (Feb 2023).
  • Eduardo Pla Sacristán, Ivan González-Díaz, “SynFlex : A generative model for benchmarking density-based clustering”. Submitted (Feb 2023).
  • Elisabeth Menendez Salvador, Silvia Abal Fernando, Santiago Martinez de la Casa, Iván González Díaz, “Anticipative robotics improve cooperation in HRI”, Work in progress (2023)